At LAHAB MILITARY SERVICES, our dedicated facilities for ammunition and components testing are among the best staffed and equipped in the MENA region.

Training Our UK-accredited training courses in Ammunition Management for activity and processes before, during and after manufacturing are among the region’s most comprehensive. Run by fully qualified and highly experienced international experts, we can provide training in the UAE or at your own facilities worldwide.

X-Ray Laboratory Our X-Ray laboratory undertakes full X-Ray inspection of a wide range of ammunition and components in order to ensure safety and quality. Our X-Ray technology is able to analyse large munitions such as aircraft munitions.

Testing Range At LAHAB MILITARY SERVICES, our own purpose-built test range can perform a multitude of tests on raw materials, components, protective materials and complete products including most types of ammunition. Delivered by experts following international standards, we can also arrange custom-designed tests to fulfil any special requirements. Tests requiring larger operating areas can be performed using our mobile test range.

SLS At LAHAB MILITARY SERVICES, we have a high-level of capability in Service Life Surveillance – covering the entire ammunition lifecycle. From ammunition handling, storing and transporting to utilisation, we can help you not only to stay safe and secure, but to extend the serviceable life of your resources and maximise its value over time by testing, evaluating and recommending the optimal course of action. We can also support you in implementing your own SLS protocols so you can make the most informed decisions.